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BreatheCup™ Mask Lanyard - The Perfect Companion to the BreatheCup™


Our BreatheCup™ Mask Lanyard lets you conveniently hang your mask around your neck when not in use. It's the perfect companion to the BreatheCup™.

  • Super handy & convenient - rest your ears and breathe easy - keep your face protection clean and close by - don't risk getting your mask dirty or losing it by setting it down or shoving it in your pocket
  • Keep your face mask securely around your neck when not in use - perfect for errands, a bite to eat, socially distanced conversation or a phone call - won't snag like lanyards with bulky bulldog or alligator clips
  • One size fits all & works with both disposable & reusable face masks - use with disposable mask or cotton fabric masks when grocery shopping, dining at restaurants
  • Hands free - discreet - lightweight - comfortable - once size fits all, adjustable buckle makes it perfect for men and women of all sizes. Awesome for nurses, doctors, teachers, servers, bartenders, dental hygienists, dentist, eating out, essential workers, healthcare, government, security, police and more