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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The BreatheCup™ can be used with any kind of non-medical mask, including cloth, homemade, reusable, disposable, etc.

The BreatheCup™ is held in place against your face by your mask. (Optionally, it can also be attached directly to your mask using the tabs on the side of the device depending on the type of your mask.)

Yes. the BreatheCup™ is one-size-fits-all. Because it's made from silicone, it is flexible and can fit any face shape and size, including men, women, and children.

Yes, the BreatheCup™ can be washed with soap and water in the sink or dishwasher. Depending on wear, we recommend washing the device weekly. The device may be used indefinitely, however we recommend replacing it on a monthly or semi-monthly basis to maintain hygiene standards.

The BreatheCup™ is made from premium food-grade hypoallergenic silicone.

Yes, the BreatheCup™ creates a seal against your upper nose and cheeks, directing airflow outward instead of upward, thus preventing the warm air from rising up and fogging up your glasses.

Yes, when you wear a mask without the BreatheCup™, the mask constantly rubs against your lips and face, smudging and ruining your lipstick and makeup. The BreatheCup™ creates space between the mask and your face, preventing the mask from rubbing against your lips and face and thus preventing ruined lipstick and makeup.

Yes, when you speak with a mask, you've probably noticed the mask rubs against your lips and mouth, making it sound as if you're mumbling. The BreatheCup™ creates space between the mask and your face, preventing the mask from rubbing against your mouth while speaking, thus making your speech louder and clearer.

Yes, when you breathe with a mask, you've probably noticed with each inhale the mask sucks up against your nostrils and mouth, making it hard to catch a full breath. The BreatheCup™ creates space between your mask and your mouth/nose, preventing the mask from sucking inwards, thus allowing you to breathe easier.

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